Credit must be given where credit is due.

This website uses free images available on Unsplash and Pixabay.

The mosaic uses pictures from Frank Winkler, Jacob Wixom, Jez Timms, Jonathan Pielmayer, Julius Silver, Karsten Würth, Kirkandmimi, Lili Popper, Lukasz Czechowicz, Nick Karvounis, Paul Cybulska, Pietro de Grandi, and Yang Shuo.

The picture of the European Parliament is from You_littleswine.

The organisation charts of current and federal institutions are based on the work of Iste ridiculum vitam est.

The picture of the US Constitution is courtesy of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration and the open book is by Roman Trifonov.

The questions marks are from Qimono and the compass is from G. Crescoli. The Majority judgment result card was inspired by Marjolaine Leray‘s designs. The portraits of Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz stem from Wikipedia and were credited to, respectively, Factio popularis Europaea and Moritz Kosinsky.

Their work and willingness to make their art available is very much appreciated.