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European Constitution

The foundation of a democratic and vibrant European Union

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Why a European Constitution?

Why a European Constitution?

Why do we need a European Constitution when we have treaties? Why should we want further European integration? Read how a Constitution will make us more democratic, more transparent, and stronger.

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Institutions in Brief

Get a glimpse of what a new federal European Union would look like under its Constitution. Reformed institutions, clear roles, and regular elections for a more democratic Union.

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Institutions in Brief
Read the Constitution

Read the Constitution

Dive into the European Constitution and discover how much we can build in such a short document. Six articles, twelve pages in total for a solid foundation. Detailed comments highlight the most important underlying ideas and principles.

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Some questions,
some answers

Want more information? Get most of your questions answered in this clear and detailed Q&A.

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What do you care about?

Click on the topics that you are interested in and see how they are included and promoted in the Constitution. Specific article references are provided, as well as links to extra information in the Q&A.

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